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Do you want to learn without going anywhere? If yes then you are in the right place because here we will post the Latest WhatsApp group links 2022 related to education learning so Join our education-related WhatsApp groups free from here. You can learn Tamil Nadu, GK, English learning, Math Learning, Gujrat education, Indian education, physics and computer science etc.

As many of us knows the fact that there is a much difference between 90s study pattern and nowadays. The latest research and surveys have convinced us that effective study groups can assist students in learning course material in a deeper and more concrete way.

But you know everyone is not capable to join study groups physically. Some students have financial problems while some are living in distant areas and can’t participate in study group discussions physically. So, the easiest and quickest solution to this common problem is WhatsApp study groups. 

Choose WhatsApp groups by keeping in view your major subjects and the subjects you are majorly deficient in. Leave all such groups which you think are not effective to you, no matter how many members and experts it has. Don’t be a member of a group that posts offensive content, humiliates anyone or spam.


WhatsApp education group links rules:

  •  only students are allowed
  • only educational posts are allowed
  • other posts are not allowed
  • respect is a must and should
  • illegal, adult, religion posts are not allowed
  • abusing, fighting with group members not allowed
  • if you get any problems please contact group admin
  • don't share your personal links, photos, videos
  • personal chat not allowed
  • you're not allowed to change group icon and group name
  • must and should follow rules
  • continue your journey well